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In a web-connected world, going digital has become a race to the bottom. Let them race. You're ready to stand out and make a statement. That may include a mobile app, or three, a game, an entire platform, a brand campaign or all of the above and more. Let's work together to create your dream in digital.


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Founder/Product Guru
John Doe

Andy Rosic

Nearly two decades in digital media, spanning rapid mobile game development to mobile marketing to enterprise scale and security. Social proof: Team lead for Apple retail's iPod mobile payment solution. Founded Player01, where 400 game developers see 5MM+ installs monthly. Built software that led to NAS:GOAM merger with Verizon/Hands-On to form NAS:PRPL (+$100MM).

Team Amazing
Team Amazing

Team Amazing

The full team at Asendu is a compilation of diverse talent, with expertise spanning native mobile, online and mobile web and server code, award-winning UX and UI design, hardware integration and the "internet of things", marketing, SEO, every conceivable location scenario, discovery and an otherwise flat out creativity to excel at solving any problem.
They've tuned audio frequencies for mag-stripe readers, made the famous more.. famous, built a "private Twitter", redefined mobile at events, doubled donations for charities, kickstarted startups, hit #1 on the App Store charts and renovated international brands on digital media. There's nothing they can't solve. And all the while, every drop of effort gets poured into making you look good.

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