Asendu is Digital Currency Investment & Consultation

Digital currencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, are in the news, they're in TV shows, and they've even become a part of family gatherings and conversations with friends. There are stories over massive fortunes as well as cyber-hacks and losing it all. But one thing remains true: with a proper investment strategy, there is money to be made in this new world of "crypto-coins".

The Asendu 2X Fund

Announcing the first investment fund to guarantee that you double your money.*

What you get from the Asendu 2X Fund: Human-managed investment. Double your investment (2x) in one year or no fees. Pragmatic approach to fund growth. Buy low, sell high, repeat. Leveraging the best parts of digital coin volatility. We’ve proven growth no matter the coin or recent value changes. Using applied game theory from the brightest minds in gaming, psychology, and tech. Open to non-accredited individuals, trusts, corporations. Min $5,000 investment, max $50k. 1-year commitment (6-month early exit option^).

Why to choose the Asendu 2X Fund over the alternatives: Not a random coin purchase with fingers crossed. Protected from outrageous, lucky growth bursts or plummets. Connected to real coin sources, not rumors, hype, or scams. Purposely avoid taking unfounded risks. Will not invest in unknown and foreign ICO’s. You’re not gambling with your money. Never trading on China- or Russia-based exchanges. Approved for larger and more frequent trades than individuals can perform.

Let us help you navigate digital currencies.

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