One App – Many Phones

The idea of multi-OS (offering an app on multiple operating systems, like Android, BlackBerry and iPhone) is often spoken of as an expensive dream rather than a current reality. At Asendu Mobile Studio, we’ve perfected the art of designing once, using affordable and accessible technologies, and then quickly deploying complete, native apps to each and every platform that matters. (For those of you biased against certain platforms, that even includes Windows phones, Symbian and more!)

“But wait!”, you shout, “I don’t want some crap template that looks horrible and does nothing.” Believe me, neither do we. I am talking about apps with beautiful design work, full access to GPS location, the camera, address book and more. Real, creative, unique and compelling apps – where the only difference is that we’ve figured out how to do it faster and more efficiently so that you save money, avoid headaches and have access to *all* of your customers, not just the lucky ones who own one type of phone.

Asendu Hybrid Mobile Capability Grid

Here’s the grid so you can see all of the available features side-by-side. Contact us to learn more. (Click the image to view it larger)