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About Asendu

Asendu is built on teamwork

Our Story

Asendu started remote more than a decade ago, and we’ve only gotten better at it.

Founded by a pioneer in payments and gaming, Asendu has always been about making clients better because we expect more of ourselves. As both a veteran- and woman-owned company, we prioritize diversity, center on results not hours, celebrate gumption (figure out how to get it done!), strive for honesty and humility, and always have time to make it fun.

Our clients rely on us

We don’t publicly talk about our clients much, and that’s on purpose. Many clients don’t like to advertise that they’re not building it “in-house”. And our ability to deliver the work while also protecting their image adds to our level of trust. While we’d love to shout about the awards we’ve helped earn, the revenue we’ve helped grow, or the charts we’ve topped…we’re content just knowing we did it.

game level design

Technical Chops

Our team deeply knows Unity, Unreal, Microsoft, game worlds, photogrammetry, rigging, modeling, LED walls, production timelines, and so much more.

Deeply Committed

We do what we do because we love it. Media and entertainment is our thing, and programming for your project gets us excited to come to work each day.

Always Transparent

Communication is everything. A team and a project are only as good as the level of clear, open, and honest comms. The Asendu team keeps you informed!