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Certified artists and programmers for your game or film.

Start or scale your team instantly with Unity, Unreal, and Microsoft Certified programmers and artists. 100% based in N. America and on US Pacific time.

Talent x Rates

Asendu offers you the ideal combo of top, seasoned talent at the best possible rates.

Nightmare Free

Avoid time zone and language issues, which means more, faster output for your project.

Short or Long Term

Supporting you with more programmers to finish strong or a team for years.

digital twin AR training example

Game, Film, Digital Twins

Games are movies are games. If you’re in virtual production, immersive gaming, sci-fi streaming, the ‘metaverse’, or digital twins for training or beer commercials then you know how hard it is to find experienced talent, much less folks who you can afford. That’s where Asendu comes in. We don’t just ‘say’ we can do Unity/Unreal, we’ve proved it for years.

Hybrid is in

The world has continued to evolve and so have we. Asendu supports your in-house, outsourced, and hybrid teams. We can act as a power-up for your existing team, join into long-term work, or be the entire team. Our depth of experience means you get peace of mind, you get a partner committed to quality work, and you get a team that lives and breathes this industry.

Often remote and always connected
Asendu helps you win awards like a VES trophy

We are trust obsessed

Nobody and no company survives long on poor quality or cut-rate work. Asendu has been in business since 2010, serving Fortune 25 brands to small studios. And the majority of our business is repeat and/or referrals. To us, that means everything. It means our work speaks for itself, it’s something we’re proud of, and it’s work we get up every day to do again even better than last time. Of course, helping our clients earn multiple awards helps too.

Know what you need? We’re ready to start.
Need help figuring out what you need? We’re here to help.